Best Natural Swimming Pools

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Do you wish to go to the natural swimming pools? There are many natural swimming pools, but here are the best natural swimming pools for you to get in list. However, swimming is a nice activity to do outdoor or indoor. But, if you want to enjoy it in outdoor, you don’t need to go to the beach to enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea. The Canary Islands’ natural swimming pools are all around our coastlines. Many of them are stunning and they all offer the benefits of the ocean with the safety of a swimming pool!

For example from the picture, it looks that natural pools form when ancient lava flows meet the ocean. They are filled by sea water flowing through cracks in the rock. Some are like open air spas with water gushing from their walls. Meanwhile, the best way to find the Canary Islands’ best natural swimming pools is to ask the locals. Many of them are not in the guidebooks and are kept secret by those in the know. Here are some of the best pools in the Canary Islands: They are well worth tracking down.

Moreover, one of the most fascinating and least known is the Green Pool (Charco Verde) in La Guancha,Tenerife. There are many others along the island’s coast, especially in the north at Garachico, Bajamar and Punta del Hidalgo. In Gran Canaria the Mujeres pool and Princesas pools on the north coast at Bañaderos are popular. A little further west, in Arucas, is the much quieter Charco de las Palomas (Pigeon Pool). There is also a stunning set of pools in Puerto de las Nieves.

Then, in Lanzarote head to Los Charcones close to Pechiguera in Playa Blanca. There are lots of pools here of all different sizes and depths. There is bound to be one that is perfect for you! If you are a fan of nudism, the Charco del Palo, in Mala, is your spot. Furthermore, you can also enjoy swim time in Fuerteventura, the most famous pools are the Charcones de Ajuy in Pajara and the Playa del Valle and Janey in Betancuria. In La Palma, ask for the Logo de las Damas in Tazacorte, Playa Nueva in Fuencaliente, and Poris de Lomo Grande, between Las Tricias and Garafía. It is not only that, El Hierro is a natural swimming pool paradise. Ask for Charco Manso, Pozo de las Calcosas, in Monacal, the Charco de los Sargos, and the famous Charco Azul, in La Frontera. If you are heading to La Gomera, don’t miss the Charco del Conde in Valle Gran Rey.

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