Bold Bathroom with Playful Accents and Color

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Bold Bathroom Colors Ideas

Well, I guess making a bold bathroom that has the same passion of your personality can be interesting. A bold bathroom colors with your favorite colors can bring another feeling to your space too. It can bring the freshness when you are bored and bring your spirit back. And, here we have some example of bold color small bathroom that you can apply in your bathroom.

Bathroom is an important area in your home. But, mostly bathroom that you know are created in black and white color. So bored and too neutral. But, here we have 17 examples of bathroom that can give great inspiring ideas. All of them are coming from Desire to Inspire, the designer here has successfully kicked the boring atmosphere out from the bedroom by giving some playful colors in the walls and furniture.

Well, the white and black are not that bad because it can give the clean effect to the room. But, try to do something new is not that bad, right? The cute colors like as red, yellow, blue, purple, or green can be a good option. It brings the freshness to the bathroom that can help to refresh your mind. All of that color can be perfectly combined with the white accent of the furniture. Just like what I have said that white is neutral, so, it can balance the vivid color on the wall so your bathroom is not looked too much or crowded because of the color.

If that is not enough for you, I think there is other good idea by giving some picture on the wall by using wallpaper. If that is your decision, it will be better if you combine the room with the neutral color of furniture. Don’t apply too much accent inside a small room. I believe your guest will be so surprised to see your great bathroom.

Bold Bathroom Colors

Bold Blue Black Bathroom

Bold Colours Small Bathrooms

Bold Colorful Bathroom

Bold Colorful Bathroom Ideas

Gallery of Bold Bathroom with Playful Accents and Color
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