Bookshelf with a unique Design by Mebrure Oral

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Ideas For Reading Room With Unique Bookcase And Yellow Chair Also Brick Wall

Do you feel bored with the bookshelf in your home library? Or you find that your reading time isn’t enjoyable due to the crowded view of your books? This great bookshelf design by Mebrure Oral is a smart choice to store your books in your home library. You’ll be more relaxed and interested in your reading, because this design offers a fascinating, simple and unique view.

This design is made on a wood base, but it’s painted white and it comes in two levels. This unique shape enables you to differentiate your books into read and unfinished. The two levels are equipped with words made from wood: ”has been read” written vertically and “will be read” written horizontally. So fascinating, right? When you finish your book you can easily put in on the first level of the bookshelf, in a way marking it as read.

This unique bookshelf is versatile and has a minimalist design; it will look great on an empty wall. In the design featured below, the bookshelf is aligned with the horizontal lines of the concrete wall. All you need to do is add a comfy chair and you’re relaxing space is ready to use! Don’t forget to share your designs!

Ideas For Unique Bookcase With Book And Motivaion Word Also On The Brick Wall

Gallery of Bookshelf with a unique Design by Mebrure Oral
ideas for unique bookcase with book and motivaion word also on the brick wall
ideas for reading room with unique bookcase and yellow chair also brick wall

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