Boys Bedroom with The Sporty Style

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Boys Bedroom Design

The boys always want to get their happy time in their bedroom. Here, they need a design that can represent everything they need, everything they like, and everything they want. In creating a bedroom that can show all of that, I believe that you have to think harder. Honestly, making a bedroom for the kids especially for the boy is more difficult than making a bedroom for the adult. Here, you have to play with the details that can bring the playfulness for them. And, I believe there are so many inspiring idea inside this boys bedroom that can help you make the boys bedroom you want. The design of this bedroom will help you make your son busy inside their room.

This boy’s room design is coming from Perianth. You can find these bedrooms inside an apartment in New York. Actually, the owners want to make their son get everything they like inside their room. That is why the designer works by creating a cool bedroom for them. This bedroom is created with the theme of sport. You will find many sport details inside this boys bedroom. Beginning from the basketball utilities, materials arts, until the wall climbing stuff. The small basketball court is placed above the bed with the small basketball arena in the floor. They also give a punching bag in the middle, and a small wall climbing arena in the other side of the wall.

All of those details are combined with the modern style bedroom with the combination of blue, white, and black color. Two beds are standing together in the different side of the wall. Some shelves are also available to accommodate all of the stuff they have. This boys bedroom has enough shelves in the wall as the storage space that can also be used to show the boys collection. The storage room is also available under the bed with the small lockers. Each bed has a little table besides it as the additional storage room for the kids. I guess this bedroom has the great boys bedroom furniture sets. Do you agree me?

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