Bright and Vivid Details in A Cozy Apartment

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Beautiful Apartment With Charming Décor

Modern apartment doesn’t only mean an apartment with the black, white, and grey color. Here, we will show you the bright and cozy apartment that comes with the cheerful colors. Even it comes with the cheerful color, don’t even try to think that this apartment comes crowded and full. This is wrong because this apartment is far from that illustration. The thing that you will find here is a very awesome apartment with the chic look.

This awesome creation is located on Alvhem in the famous Vasastan district of Gothenburg. Well, this is another creation of Sweden apartment. Actually, this apartment is not really big. It only has 70 square meters of size. Even so, it can perfectly serve the cute arrangement inside the old building. Even so, the great arrangement of this place makes it possible to cover the comfortable bedroom, a spacious living room, and a kitchen. Big enough for a young couple with their small family, right?

All part beginning from the wall, roof, and floor are painted in chic white color. It makes the rooms seem spacious, clean, and cold. The arrangement and style that chosen to fill this space is the modern style with the simple soft lines accent. The cute furniture that chosen here also use the same color. It mostly uses white. Even so, some of it uses another color such as green, red, yellow, etc. Just like what we can see, this apartment actually is fully painted in white color. The bright colors that appear here comes from the small details on the seat, lamp, or might be table. The hanging lamp in the middle of the living room is so unique. It has the combination of bright colors such as red, yellow, green, etc. It makes the living room seems cheerful and united with the bright color detail. So, have you found any ideas from this beautiful apartment with charming décor?

Beautiful Apartment With Charming Décor Bedroom

Beautiful Apartment With Charming Décor Bedroom Design

Beautiful Apartment With Charming Décor Bedroom Details

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