Bring The Chinese Zone with This Antique Furniture

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Antique Chinese Furniture LaurieFlower 001

Many people are trying to find something new for their home design. Many things are done to get some inspiration. But, they don’t realize that culture is one of the most interesting theme. That is one of the easiest concept that can be explored. Arranging something like this is very challenging also because it will bring you suddenly on somewhere new. Or, bring that “somewhere” to your home. Then, when you are in love with China, why don’t you just bring the small China in your home? I think you need to turn your head into this antique Chinese furniture and you will be in love immediately.

The Chinese look of these items are dominant because here La Maison Coloniale chooses the material which is common to be used in making the traditional furniture of China. You will be able to find the wood accent easily here. The curve table with the natural wood color meets superior oriental sofa that covered by the fabric. Both of them finally create the perfect and comfortable sitting are for all of the family members. Then, the bamboo can also be used as the additional decoration around the space because as we know, bamboo is becoming a part of China.

The Chinesse colors like as red and gold seem like become the best color you can get for these spaces, but when you expect the soft look to be combined with your antique Chinese furniture sets, you can also choose the neutral color. The white, for example can be changed to be a little China too after you bringing the Chinese decoration there. Some designer even combine them with the bricks accent in the wall. But, seriously, the overall look is very inviting and sophisticating for me. So, interested to bring the spirit of China in your home?

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