Bronze Furniture Pieces with sculptural Structures

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Bronze gives off a classical vibe, of an ancient heritage, something similar with what you find in a Museum. Nowadays, the ingenious architect, Nick Davis, is developing the idea of constructing beautiful furniture pieces from bronze. How unique, fantastic, and valuable they are! Check out his outstanding designs below!

The most interesting piece of the collection is the cabinet, made from bronze fraction. This functional piece can house many precious items, such as jewelry. The next amazing bronze furniture piece is the rectangular table with four legs, which is designed with sideways fraction, both at the base and the legs. This table is so artsy, right? You can really use your imagination when you’re using this table.

The glass table is also nice, with its small bronze statues in each corner and crosswise legs. You can be truly entertained by this unique bronze furniture design. The simplest structure is the standing lamp which has a strong bronze handle.

Check out the round chair! The smooth seating pillow is perfectly complemented by the bronze legs. It looks so artistic and the small dancing statues on the top are a beautiful addition to this already interesting design. So, how do you feel about bronze furniture? Would you use these fabulous pieces in your home design? Tweet your thoughts!

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Gallery of Bronze Furniture Pieces with sculptural Structures
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