Building Fantastic Tween Bedroom Ideas for Boys

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Cool Bedroom Ideas Tween Boys

When your son is starting to grow up you have to build his own that is not childish anymore. Tween boys are not children again. They start to be teenagers. Hence, you cannot decorate their room with cartoon characters or several animals. They will not like that anymore. They want to have something different. You have to try to decorate their bedroom with something new. Here, I would like to recommend tween bedroom ideas for boys.

There are several important things that you have to understand before designing tween bedroom for your boys. First, this is the most important step. You have to determine the theme of the room. You may discuss it with your son first. Usually they want to decorate their room suitable with their favorite hobby. For example, if your son like soccer, you can give soccer theme for his bedroom. You can also give the theme such as movies, music, video games, or books that he likes. The benefit of tween bedroom ideas is you can combine two or three themes in a room, the most important is that they can complement to each other.

Second, it is the selection of color scheme. Basically you have to choose the colors that support his cheerful and happy teenage periods. Usually your teenage will feel bored easily with their room, so it is better to choose colors for his room. Applying simple color will make you easy repainting the room. The simple colors that you can choose are green, gray, white, black, blue and red. You can also choose the color scheme based on the rooms theme.

Third, this is the selection of the furniture. You have to choose the furniture suitable with the size of teenage boy, do not too small or too big. If you still have the old furniture, you do not need to buy the new. You just need to repaint it to give fresh look. Don’t forget to give seating area because teenagers like to hang out with his friends. They can use this seating area for gathering. That’s all about tween boy bedroom.

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