Carapicuiba House with The Shocking Ground Condition

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Carapicuiba House Design

In making your dream home, sometimes you have to face the unexpected condition that can be a big problem for you to make your dream home comes true. Many unexpected things can happen easily and need a smart solution to be fixed. And, the biggest problem that can be the hardest thing to be fixed is about the condition of the nature especially the ground because that is the most important thing of the home, right? But, if you have the same problem with this home, you don’t have to be worried because some talented designers of this home have found their smart solution to face the condition when the ground suddenly down. All of them can perfectly be applied inside this awesome Carapicuiba House. Take a look at these amazing pictures and you will get those shocking ideas.

The Carapicuiba House is an amazing creation by Angelo Bucci and Alvaro Puntoni on the ground that has fallen down until six meters. To fix this problem, they have created a wonderful home consist from two levels steel construction that combined with the glass accents in almost all sides of the home. This unique collaboration can perfectly blend together and result a modern home with the minimalist look. The glass material serves the awesome scenery from the environment around it. The glass walls also bring the natural light from the outside. So, the home comes very bright and seems perfect to be combined with the white color to bring the spacious atmosphere. This home is looked united with the surroundings, right? That’s the effect of the glass that comes so dominant in this home.

The stairs of this house seems act as the bridge to connect every part of this home. Even this home seems like a glass home, but it still serves the coziness for the owner too. The green environment around it can bring the fresh air to the home. With the small swimming pool under it, the designers can use every inch they have well, right? I believe you will get many inspirations of Carapicuiba House if you have the same problem with the ground. Very smart and pretty, right?

Carapicuiba House Details

Carapicuiba House Outdoor

Carapicuiba House Outdoor Design

Carapicuiba House Outdoor Details

Carapicuiba House Outside Design

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