Casa Apoloni by Abdenur

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Casa Apoloni Simple Home Design 001

This is a very simple house. Having a simple house is a great wishing to make it real. Argentinian design studio, Abdenur has designed this Casa Apoloni that is located in Córdoba, Argentina. This building is completed in 2009. Also, this building is created on 3,336 square foot; contemporary home boasts a streamlined, minimal character, achieved via the architect’s insistence on simple design solutions.

So, for you who want to have a simple home design, you may conclude this design into your list. This is a very simple home design idea. So, you can make it real to be your future home. From the picture, you can see how smooth this house is. Furthermore, it is also created a great condition for vacation. So, you can bring your children here for every weekend to spend your vacation.

Meanwhile for the terrace is located outside. It is designed for family room. Then, it is also completed by swimming pool. So, to enjoy your vacation, the design of this house is suit enough. If you want to have it as your property, just place it in your list. Or you can make it now. It is just simple and smooth.

The light of the house is also simple. But you do not need to worry; the light is giving you different sensation. Start from the family room, the dining room, and the living room is making you so relax. What else are you waiting for? Making a house in simple design based on this design is a great idea. Just imagine how you will spend your beautiful moment here. It is also completed by swimming pool outside to spend your holiday time or protect you from the hot weather. While from the outside, this house is looking so simple too. with the way out straightly, it is making you easy to enter this house.

Casa Apoloni Simple Home Design 002

Casa Apoloni Simple Home Design 003

Casa Apoloni Simple Home Design 004

Casa Apoloni Simple Home Design 005

Casa Apoloni Simple Home Design 006

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