Casa Canada by GrupoMM

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This home is called by Casa Canada. Do you know based on what Casa Canada is made? If you see from the picture, the surrounding of this building is just like a forest. Yup, you are right. There are many trees in the outside of this home. Casa Canada is looking so natural. It is appeared from the idea of living in the middle of a forest. But, you can build it in the middle of city too. Just make the environment the same as the design itself.

Imagine if you stay in the middle of a forest. You can interact with nature and enter a space in which the user could disconnect from the concerns of daily life and contact with the tranquility this forest could offer. The house is so large. Then, interior design is so wide too. Because this house is made to interact with nature, it is made so naturally too.

The roof is so high, so, the air circulation is running well in this house. Moreover, you can see the interior design is so simple. There is no many things inside. But the most important is, this house is close to the nature. It is also having an outside terrace.

Furthermore, for you who love nature so much, just take this design for your next home. You will have no doubt, because this house is so natural. In other word, we can see that the interior of the building focuses on large spaces, high ceilings and large windows. Those designs allow the context to integrate green. Meanwhile, the game takes advantage of volume inside causing a sensation similar to float while you wander through the residence. Furthermore, the layout is simple, leaving aside the common areas and in the other wing of the L-shaped plan, rooms and private areas such as the study and playroom. Then, the intention to utilize the glen is fully met in this harmonious interplay of volumes in which the main actor is the forest and the house becomes part of the chorus.

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