Casa Panama by Studio MK27

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If you are an artist, you may take a look at this home design. See it deeper and carefully, you will find that this home is full of art. Just starting from the shape itself, and then including the interior design. Even the bathroom is created in art design. It is called by Casa Panama. It is designed by Studio MK27. This art house is including in contemporary house that was finished in 2008. Besides to live, this house is also placed to be a studio. In other word, this house is made to work also.

Furthermore, the main inspiration of the house is the art collection itself. You can see that the works of art are scattered throughout all the areas of the residence. It is starting from the bedrooms to the gardens. Meanwhile for the interior design, it is planned to organizing in 3 floors and a sub-solo. Then for upon entering the lot, a tree-covered patio leads the guest to the door.

Moreover, a social hall is made to supplies part of the program of the house such as a library, vertical circulation, the utility rooms and the living room. Also, from within the library you can see, in front of the exterior stone wall, a Maria Martins sculpture, reposing over a reflecting pool.

It has beauty furniture too. You can see for the living room that has large spans that open. It is made in their entirety, to the garden, building a spatial continuity between interior and exterior. In the garden, the pool, installed on the side of the lot, mirrors the stones of the wall. So, what are you waiting for more? Having a house to work and to live is having advantages too. You can spend your whole time here in comfortable. It is a beautiful house in minimalist and contemporary design.

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