Cervantes, a contemporary House in Spain designed by Ph5

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Amazing Bathroom With Large Mirror And A White Wastafel And White Closet And One Bright Light On The Upside With A Sets Of Brown Sofa And The Glass Window On The Other Side Of The Room

This fabulous contemporary house in Spain designed by Ph5 looks so stunning. This modern concept offers the perfect place to live in. Moreover, this elegant home interior, will truly break the monotony of a boring home. The concept is perfectly developed with a classic touch in mind!

The living room is very spacious and it’s filled with sophisticated furniture pieces that create a comfy ambiance. Notice the large sofa chair in the nook and the large LED TV attached on the wall. The white backdrop and large cabinet are used to create an elegant design, while the smooth wooden flooring and wooden door are meant to emphasize the classic style. The narrow space right next to the living room is used for a stunning bathroom, equipped with versatile furniture pieces and an elegant sink.

Moving to the kitchen, we can that this part of this Spanish contemporary house features a clean white theme. There is a white cupboard, a white kitchen island and a white cabinet, equipped with a sophisticated system. So, you will have the perfect ambiance to create your delicious meals in.  The bedroom is also built in a narrow space, but it looks really comfy and it features a large glass window. The small bathroom is placed right next to the bedroom and it’s separated by a wooden partition. So are you ready to live in a contemporary house like this?

Amazing Living Room With A Set Of Home Theatre With White Solid Table In The Middle Of The Room And Wooden Stylish Floor And Upward Stairs Covered By Transparent Dlass

Amusing Bedroom With Big Wooden Cupboard  And The Wastafels And The Rectagle Lights On The Ceiling Next To The Mirror

Amusing Interior Home Design With Light Cream Color And Two Part Of The Stairs With Cute Little Light On The Wall And Covered By Solid Looking Glass On The Left Side

Amusing Wastafles With Stainless Steel Of Taps And A Large Sized Of Mirror On The Wall With Little Lights Floating On The Whiteceiling

Awesome Room Design With Long Like Bed Table With White Color Suit The Wall And The Ceiling And The Wide LCD TV On The Wall And The Sets Of Equipment For The Screen

Gallery of Cervantes, a contemporary House in Spain designed by Ph5
Comfortable white bed with large wooden cupboard anf jade green colored brankas and the large mirror filling the other side wall and some little tiny light on the ceiling
Amusing wastafles with stainless steel of taps and a large sized of mirror on the wall with little lights floating on the whiteceiling
Amazing bathroom with large mirror and a white wastafel and white closet and one bright light on the upside with a sets of brown sofa and the glass window on the other side of the room
Fascinating interior home design with black framed lamp accros the room above the white table and the tranparent window on the other side of the room
Fascinating bath room with single white bath thub on the far side and two white wastafels and a long wooden table upon it with ith wide morror filling the left sideand some little light son the upside of the room
interesting room design with home theater with double cute speaker on both side of the LCD TV with white colored wall and light brown on the door side
Amusing bedroom with big wooden cupboard  and the wastafels and the rectagle lights on the ceiling next to the mirror
Amazing living room with a set of home theatre with white solid table in the middle of the room and wooden stylish floor and upward stairs covered by transparent dlass
Wonderful interior home design with light cream floor and brown colored door with wooden stylist and glassed wall on the left side with one bright light
Awesome room design with long-like-bed table with white color suit the wall and the ceiling and the wide LCD TV on the wall and the sets of equipment for the screen
Fascinating home design with withe colored wall and ceiling with grey light sofa and wide LCD TV and bright cream colored floor
Fascinating home interior design dominated by white color on the wall and the ceiling with accent cream on the outside of the bathroom with a sets of dining table
Elegant living room design with a long corridor acros the bathroom and the sets of dining table on the right side of the corridor with some little light along the corridor
Glamorous interior home with well designed kitchen and black frame of the window with light cream colored table in the middle nwith some little tiny light on the ceiling accros the room
Amusing interior home design with light cream color and two part of the stairs with cute little light on the wall and covered by solid looking glass on the left side
Comfortable bedroom with white large bed and dark grey support of the white ceiling and the floating white light  and a white tiny little table on the other side of the room
interesting family room with upwards stairs light cream colored with tiny little lights along side of the wall with a large clear glass and a sets of home theatre on the left side of the stairs

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