Cheerful Color inside The Practical and Eye-catching Furniture Collection

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Eye Catching Furniture Collection

When you are arranging a living room, sofa and another seat will be the most important aspect to be prepared. This is because living room is a place where you can enjoy the time with a little rest. That is why the seat some important. The comfortable and cozy seat is a must. But, it doesn’t only thing that you must consider about. The style is also important. I believe you don’t want to make your living room comes comfortable without having a good look, right? That is the reason for us to bring this practical and eye-catching furniture collection. Perhaps it can make you easier to choose the seat in your living room.

Actually, this sofa collection is shown for the first time in Milan Furniture Fair in 2012. This awesome creation is designed by two talented designers, Pierre Beucler and Jean-Christophe Poggioli. They create this pretty sofa for Knoll. The sofa is created with the simple and modern design with the cheerful orange and white as the combination color. I believe it will blend with the modern arrangement easily because it is very minimalist. The sofa will bring the freshness into your home easily with its eye catching color. This sofa consists a big sofa to cover three seater, a chaise lounge and a pretty ottoman. The shape is very simple with the soft square shape. The metal legs under it makes the overall design of the sofa is getting modern and fashionable. This stylish sofa also has a unique storage area that can be used as a place to keep the books and another stuff.

I believe this sofa will be so interesting to be placed in your home especially for the youth because of its playful color. Take a look closer at this modern voluminous seat cushion, and you will find the inspiring ideas.

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