Chic New York Style Home Warehouse

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A house is important need for this time. Can you imagine that you have no home to live? May be you can stay everywhere in rent. But it will be a great idea to have one of a house for your future. You do not need to have the best home in the world. You just need to have the home that is comfort enough like home warehouse. A warehouse home is not bad idea to have. It is also interesting. For example is from the picture of warehouse home.

Meanwhile, New York is the right place to plan your property. What about having property outside New York? It is a challenge, is not it? But do not worry; it is still having style of New York. So, for New York lovers, this is a right choice. Furthermore, this ultra fabulous and unique New York style warehouse residence is located in South Brisbane, Australia.

It is not a usual home. It means that this converted freestanding two-story warehouse has been turned into a spacious and prestigious home with almost of 4,843 square feet or 450 square meters of designer living space. It is a large shape for a house. Besides the large space, you also will have residence with expansive open plan living with high ceilings, beautiful timber flooring and exposed 100 year old brickwork give warmth and character throughout. So, is it including into your plan? Just do it and take a look for it deeply. Imagine how you spend your time here.

However, this home is completed by master bedroom and en-suite is very spacious with an open air feel. And also, it is including a beautiful internal courtyard, and a rooftop garden. Unique in both its style and location this property has spectacular skyline and ocean views.

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