Children Bathroom Design to Make A Childhood Kingdom

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Children Bathroom

The kids are always interesting. Their personality is so easy to be understood. They love to play. For the kids, childhood is their kingdom. That is why mostly designers try to make their kingdom real by giving the childhood atmosphere in their space. Even so, to build the childhood kingdom is not that easy. You might need some inspiration to help you finish this project. And, here I have some pictures of children bathroom to help you find the inspiration you need in making the bathroom for your kids. Take a look closer and you will find what you want.

The florakids is an interesting bathroom project from Laufen. Here, the designer uses the bright colors on their product. This children bathroom is to represent their personality who loves to play and need something that can help make their creativity develop. The bright colors like yellow, pink, purple, orange, etc have brought the freshness and cheerful atmosphere to the bathroom. All of the can perfectly be combined with the white bathroom utilities such as sink and toilet. Even the sink and toilet are created with the white color, but it still combined with the bright color accents and unique shape that can represent the playfulness.

In the other side, the mirrors are coming with the cute shapes with the interesting frame. The frames are painted with the bright and cheerful color such as green and pink. These bathrooms are very interesting and can make the children get the fantasy about their childhood. For me, children bathroom almost seems like children playground where the kids can play. This is because there are so many additional features such as the giraffe and horse sculpt with the rug that can make this room seems so attracting. I believe you can get so many inspirations from this children bathroom decorating ideas.

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