Chinese Look inside Inspiring Versatile Cabinet

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Fibonacci Versatile Cabinet

You know, when you stuck in a small space, you will get another crucial problem on your space besides of the size. The storage system can be the most crucial problem if you don’t know how to fix it well. Just imagine when you must live in a small apartment, but have many things to be arranged and kept. A small mistake will make your space come crowded. Efficiency is the key word for this case. Every inch of the space must be used well. And, to help you find the inspiration for that problem, here I have a review about the versatile cabinet. Check it out, and you will find the inspiration.

Now, it’s the time to talk about The Fibonacci. This cabinet is created with the ideas from the old Chinese cabinet that always be used as a place to keep the medicine. This versatile cabinet is made from the wood material. Here, each part is created in different size that can be arranged into a cabinet. The seven parts of this cabinet consist from the big one (550 mm x 550 mm), another pieces with size 340 mm, 210 mm, 130 mm, 80 mm, 50 mm, and a desk under all of them. all of them are made with the long beam shape. Those parts can also be used separately if you want or turn it into a cabinet. This can make you increase your creativity because it is fun and challenging to do, right?

This versatile cabinet is using wood material that has been applied in all parts of this cabinet. The natural wood seems gorgeous to be applied here. It makes the main theme about traditionalism appears well. This cabinet is also made with the four long legs that remind us to the old Chinese atmosphere. Very interesting because just like what we can see on the picture, this practical and versatile cabinet can also be used to seat. So, you get the inspiration you need inside this inspiring cabinet?

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