Choose The Match Chandelier for Your Dining Table

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Chandelier seems like the favorite accessories for your space that can be applied everywhere beginning from the bedroom, living room, dining room, even the bedroom. There are so many types of chandelier you can choose beginning from the classical until the modern one.

Here, I have mad some reviews about the type of chandelier to help you choose the best one for you space. Because the correct decision of chandelier will bring the awesome effect for your dinning room too.

1. Antler Chandeliers.
This chandelier is made as with two different types. The faux or authentic antler chandelier. Originally, this type of chandelier is made from the real deer antler. But, if you are worried about the price and the animal that must be killed get create this awesome chandelier, you can choose the faux one.

2. Shell chandeliers.
The shape of this chandelier is almost same with the crystal one. This chandelier is available in three different materials beginning from the beads, shells and some cheap materials. Even it seems cheap, but the materials make this chandelier possible to move beautifully in the air.

3. Crystal chandeliers.
This chandelier will give you another advantage. It’s about the lighting effect from the crystal material. It can give the sparkling effect for your dining table besides its stylish look.

4. Drum chandeliers
This chandelier is a good choice for the small space. This chandelier is so easy to be arranged with the low cost. In fact, that this chandelier is easy to be installed, it all make this chandelier be a great decision.

5. Rustic chandelier
This type of chandelier uses the steel and full color mica as its material. Some of the chandelier in this style also comes with another materials such as copper, bronze and steel.

6. Tiffany chandeliers
It uses glass with many colors as the main material. This type of chandelier is available in many colors, styles, and themes.

7. Wrought Iron Chandeliers
Actually, this chandelier is made from metal. But, the cheaper one is available with the cheaper material which layered with the metal. With themetal as the main material, I think this chandelier can be a good decision for your modern dining room chandeliers.

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