Choosing Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

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Ah to live in the great outdoors! Well, perhaps not live full time, but certainly, having an outdoor escape that you and your family can flee to when the nights are too inviting and the days are too beautiful to stay indoors, is a real luxury.

Outdoor kitchens and outdoor storage are growing in popularity. More and more people want to have the experience of cooking and hosting outside and naturally, this desire leads to developing solid decorating ideas for your new outdoor extension. But the key to successful entertaining is having all your needs right at hand and that leads us to today’s post: outdoor cabinets.

It sounds simple enough but really, outdoor cabinets are not as easily achieved as say, throwing a cooler on the patio floor. No, the main difficulty or challenge with outdoor cabinets is that you have to select materials that will hold up in all weather.

First, you must take into consideration the most obvious of damaging elemental factors: water. Water resistance is the name of the game when it comes to outdoor cabinets. It may be enough for six months to a year to if you decide to put a water resistant stain on any old type of wood, but chances are, you’ll want to use your spiffy new cabinets for longer than six months. In that case, you have to select finishes or materials that though more expensive than a quick fix, will stand up to major elemental beatings.

If you like the sleek, clean finish of stainless steel, this is a perfect solution for outdoor cabinetry. But make sure it stainless and not galvanized. Though galvanized steel is equally attractive, it actually does have a shorter shelf life than stainless. The only downside with stainless is that it requires special cleaning materials and takes poorly to scratches and dings which tend to stand out like eye sores when they finally occur.

If you like something that looks equally modern to stainless steel but don’t enjoy the idea of the extra elbow grease that goes into upkeep, you might consider marine-grade polymer. It’s very easy to hose down, is UV-resistant so It won’t fade over time and they make for excellent cabinets because they seal well in constructed spaces. It also looks ultra-modern and yet somehow, retro, so if you’re home décor is a blend of these two things, marine-grade polymer cabinets and countertops for your outdoor kitchen or entertaining area may be just the thing to take your look to a whole new level.

And then of course, there’s classic teak. Teak has been well loved as a material for interior and exterior home decorating for decades because of its classic good looks. It matches almost everything and gives one the idea of being more luxurious than maybe it really is. But, the secret with teak in an outdoor setting is how you seal it and how you finish. The other difficulty with teak? You must have cabinets custom built to accommodate the swelling and shrinking of this wood.

According to Russ Faulk, Vice President of Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, “Whichever type you choose, evaluate the quality of by looking inside of the cabinet unit. Look at whether the cabinet has a full box around it or if it is open on the top.” Knowing the difference here will keep your goods dry and your cabinets in tip top shape. The last thing you want are stuck cabinets as you’re entertaining!

After cabinetry, you have to concern yourself with countertops. Countertops can be made from the same materials as the cabinets and this works because you know they will be weatherproof. But you can get creative and choose natural materials like marble, limestone or granite. But choose wisely as some surfaces are more porous than others and are havens for mold, dirt and debris. Pick materials that suit your climate. A world of options awaits you and the best thing to do is your homework! Browse online for the best prices and most trusted sources for materials that will give you both longevity and durability!

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Gallery of Choosing Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets
Granite is another one of those materials that will stand up to the elements in your outdoor kitchen. Not to mention it is beautiful and looks quite striking with similar tones of mauve, beige, brown, white and cream.
Heavy duty stone or rock are perfect solutions for outdoor kitchen materials. Stainless steel appliances and cabinetry clash in a pleasant way with the natural surroundings.
Cultured marble and tile is quite simply gorgeous to behold. Easy to clean and powerfully eye-catching, it is resistant to all weather and will stand forever with little to no maintenance. Highly elegant!
Stucco  and Cultured Marble Island with Tables
Even a few simple stainless steel cabinets look beautiful in a neutral setting then topped with stone slab or marble. Elegant and durable, these are excellent choices for outdoor cabinetry that remains close to pools.
Oh the luxury of this setting. A long granite bar, marble floor, notice the fabric to keep the elements out? An excellent idea if you can work it out: it gives privacy and protection form the elements.
Kalamazoo outdoor cabinet work is done with impeccable craftsmanship. The stainless steel appliances are custom built and lock into place perfectly. Very modern and very chic!
A super sweet modern spin on marine grade polymer countertops. Talk about eco
The ElectroLux outdoor cabinet is a very elegant solution to outdoor kitchens and workspaces. The easiest of all  materials to clean, these are made of marine-grade polymer that will definitely stand the test of time.
If marble or concrete seem too impersonal and you’re looking for that rustic warm feel, go no further than teak or other natural woods. But be warned, these require extensive upkeep in all terrain so be sure to seal everything!
This outdoor kitchen is the height of elegance. A covered roof gives you a little more leeway with the materials you use for your kitchen. But all three were worked into this patio set, stone, stucco, stainless steel, its all usable and it all looks beautiful.
A nice solution for cabinetry is to ensconce a fireplace or set up a bar. Smooth natural flagstone feels good to the touch and stays clean with minimal effort.
Simple l-shaped stucco kitchens on slab granite floors will improve the overall value of your home and provide you a sweet little outdoor kitchen to entertain with.
Stainless steel outdoor cabinetry is ultra-modern and very sleek. Excellent for outdoor use, it is the quickest way to be sure your perishables will stay in tact and your beverages cold. Keep in mind they need a lot of cleaning!
Black granite is excellent for durability and the super shine finish is an nice extra touch. Stainless steel picks up the high gloss effect.

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