Choosing the right Area Rug for your Home

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Area rugs not only provide warmth and coziness, but also add a focal point in the room. The perfect area rug can add pizzazz to a room instantly. Are you updating your home and looking to buy an area rug? Follow our tips below for selecting the perfect area rug for your home:


When it comes to area rugs, size does matter. Measure the area you intend to cover with the area rug twice to be sure before purchasing. An area rug is a substantial purchase and measurement is of utmost importance to avoid disappointment. A small area rug will make a large room look unbalanced and will give a feeling as if the rug is floating in a large space. The size of the rug should be perfect or it will just not work for your room. The thumb rule is that the furniture should either have the front two legs on the rug or should be completely on the rug.


Is your style modern, contemporary or are you someone in love with romantic antiques? Your décor style is a defining factor in the kind of area rug you should choose. For example, an intricate, Persian rug will not work well with modern, minimalistic interiors. They will clash for attention and the rug will not be able to tie the décor together. Out tastes and style evolve, so research about latest trends and look at a lot of pieces before making a choice. The rug does not necessarily have to match the entire décor but it should have elements and textures that tie the room together.

Colors and pattern

Area rugs are available in a plethora of colors and patterns. They can tie the décor together and can often work to enhance the features of the room. For example, a large patterned rug in a small room will make the room look chaotic and cluttered. It will give the room a boxed feeling. For a small room a striped rug works best. Stripes give the illusion of length thus making the room feel larger.


From the more expensive woven rugs to the cheaper and budget friendly tufted rugs, you must keep the quality in mind before buying. A quality rug will last you years and might as well become an heirloom piece. Check for the density of the pile, the denser the rug, the better the quality. If you have children at home, you should look for rugs treated with a stain resistant. Finally, rugs are broadly available in cut pile, loop pile, shaggy, animal skin and natural fibers. You can also try layering two rugs together. For example, place a large jute rug and then add a smaller animal skin rug on top to create contrasts.

Upkeep and cost

Antique Persian rugs will require much more attention for them to last. They will need professional cleaning. Polyester rugs on the other hand are durable and easy to maintain. Before buying your rug, check with your retailer about the upkeep of the rug. Decide if you will be able to give it as much attention as required. The cost of the rug is another prohibitive factor you should keep in mind before buying one.

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