Classic Mediterranean charm: Spanish colonial Interior Design

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Beautiful Front Entrance Of A Spanish Home

A popular decorating style, in recent years, has been the Spanish colonial Interior Design style, meaning a traditional Spanish home. The main visual aspect of the exterior of this design is the s-tile sloped roof-line (great for rain drainage) and a stucco or stone exterior. These features can be renovated onto an existing home provided that the underlying structure is secure enough to handle the weight and they give the feeling of warm Mediterranean nights and provide a space for large outdoor family meals. The exteriors of such homes are often white, cream or yellow/beige walled with red/brown s-tile roofs. These colors can be changed to create your own style or can be kept traditional.

Some other main characteristics of the Spanish colonial Interior Design style include asymmetrical layouts, the addition of a large rounded tower near the middle, usually containing a spiral staircase, and an upper floor balcony, which can span the whole building. The balcony is an important feature because this design style comes from a warm climate that favors living both inside and outside the home, keeping doors and windows open to let in the breeze off the ocean. A balcony will eventually need maintenance and replacement, depending on your local weather conditions, but is also a great place to enjoy drinks with friends and family in warm weather and provides a covered place to BBQ in cool weather.

Arched doorways are another common aspect of the Spanish colonial interior design style. This can be extended to the window frames as well, and can either bare no trim or be surrounded in decorative (or structural) inset brick. In traditional homes the entrance includes a courtyard area, usually behind a rustic wooden fence or stone or concrete wall, with a fountain inside, traditionally the family’s water source. This area serves as a sheltered front garden for whatever species of plants or trees are available in your region, though citrus fruit trees would be especially nice. The arch motif can be carried through to your front wall and gate, by having an arched door in the gate and a curvilinear wall. Lighting is important in entrances and gardens for safety, to see your way and allow light for evening guests.

Beautiful Three Story Spanish  Home

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