Classy Bunk Bed Design for Kids by Mimondo

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Awesome Bedroom Design With Single And Bunk Ideas Wooden Material And White Color Ideas So Cozy For Kids Enjoying Room

Kids need certain uniqueness in their bedrooms to develop their imagination. Designing your kid’s bedroom with Mimondo furniture, like this bunk bed, is a very cool idea. Mimondo designed this bunk bed in a unique and classy way to stimulate creativity. Check out the pictures below to get a better idea about this innovative design!

This bunk bed is made of wood and it features uniquely shaped stairs. The curved stair design will add an elegant vibe to your kid’s bedroom. It is intended to draw the attention to the wave effect, creating a very natural atmosphere in the space. This bunk bed is definitely stylish and it has a sleek and smooth surface.

The unique thing about this design is that it’s removable. If you just need one bed, you simply release the first or second base. Don’t forget to choose the short stairs. This way you won’t need a large space to place the bed.

If you want to bunk up your kids in one room this is the perfect design to do it. Match this white bed with a white blanket, white wall, and white flooring. Get creative with Mimondo and don’t forget to pin your designs!

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