Classy Unusual Lamp and Table from Bronze

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Aurelia Table Lamp Design Ideas By Qisdesign

I believe these uncommon furniture will catch your attention easily. Especially if you like to do traveling. If you are wondering to enjoy your time in Paris and get some exotic culture in India, but have no money to book a flight there, Here I will bring the easiest solution. With these unusual lamp and table, you must not book the flight to those places only to enjoy their pretty Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal. Why? Because you will bring the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal in your home.

This awesome creation is coming from Studio Job. They have created an awesome Eiffel Tower lamp and Taj Mahal table. The bronze is the main material that has been chosen to create the Eiffel Towe lamp. Honestly it seems like the real Eiffel Tower. But, in the end of the tower it is blend and hold the lamp. The lamp is created in two color combination. The black brozen color on the tower and the golden color that has been used to create the lamp and the legs of the tower. Those thing can make this lamp look unique and antique. It seems like it has its own class and taste. Very wonderful.

The table is so unique too. The table has an awesome Taj Mahal under it. The Taj Mahal building is created with the same material, the bronze. I really love this table because it is so unique and the Taj Mahal is created in reverse reverse, so will will give a perfect accent to your decoration. Still it is created in dark black color with the golden accent in the dome. The four legs of the table is created in unique tower shape. You will love the details in every inch of these table. It seems like the real Taj Mahal. And, I believe these unique lamp and table designs will bring the uniqueness to your home and make it classy.

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