Classy Villa equipped with a beautiful Panorama

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Amazing Open Balcony With Fireplace Loungechair Umbrela Black Fence And Extraordinary View To The Beach And Sunset View The Sky

This villa, constructed from stones on the exterior, is located in California. The stones are used not only for the exterior, but also for the fence. The natural texture of the stones make this exterior décor look extremely classy. More than that, there is an alluring waterfront and a lush greenery which make this villa extremely refreshing.

Moving to the interior, the ground floor of this villa is designed in a classy way, emphasized even more by the stunning chandelier. The high ceiling concept in this space accentuates the majestic look. To create a fresh vibe, this space utilizes potted plants that create a wonderful contrast with the light brown color. The stunning staircase made from metal and wood leads to the upper level.

On the second floor, there is a living area interestingly decorated with a comfy sofa set completed with a simple coffee table. The classical table lamps placed in the corner of the living area illuminate the space wonderfully. As a plus, the large sliding door provides a lovely panorama toward the beautiful sunset. The second floor also features a billiard room, situated on the side of the small bar, which is wonderfully designed with stone walls and wooden furniture, and also equipped with a classical chandelier.

As beautiful as those spaces, the kitchen and dining room are also decorated with elegant furniture. In addition, they are accentuated by the cozy arrangement and sleek lighting. The bedrooms are also decorated with elegant furnishings. And all of them are completed with intoxicating overlooks. The villa also contains a home office and a personal meeting room, so the occupants can do some work while on vacation.

Bedroom Ideas With Wooden Bed And Chest Of Drawer Sofa Bay Window Pendantlamp Picture Frame Potflower Cushion And Laminate Floor

Black Fence On The One Place Room By Clasic Or Vintage House With Wooden Door And Table Potflower White Ceilin And Pendantlamp

Extraordinary Dinning Place With Wooden Table And Chair Pendantlamp Potflower And Biliard Table Its Simple And Unique Design Room

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Gallery of Classy Villa equipped with a beautiful Panorama
Viewed by exterior of glamour house with small garden unique fence made by rock some trees potflower and clasic door design
Surface by black wooden table at mdern kitchen and dinning place with stool pendantlamp glass door or window and kitchen cabinet
Westafel and wooden table at modern kitchen ideas with water tap wooden chair pendantlamp small chase at wall its simple design
Bedroom ideas with wooden bed and chest of drawer sofa bay window pendantlamp picture frame potflower cushion and laminate floor
Extraordinary dinning place with wooden table and chair pendantlamp potflower and biliard table its simple and unique design room
Simple living room ideas with sofa chair wooden table cabinet and chest of drawer archlamp or pendantlamp and bay window
Unique wall or door on the place room with vintage style and some furniture there us chair coffe table pot flower and black fence
Black fence on the one place room by clasic or vintage house with wooden door and table potflower white ceilin and pendantlamp
Small and clasic bedroom ideas with wooden bed chest of drawer floor and the outside small open balcony with black fence
Modern design bathroom and bedroom on the one place room with bathtub wooden bed chest of drawer bay window and pendantlamp
Amazing open balcony with fireplace loungechair umbrela black fence and extraordinary view to the beach and sunset view the sky
Living room with excelent furniture and view to outdoor red sofa wooden table archlamp glass door potflower and cushion

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