Cleverly Being More Open to the Surrounding in a Saint Tropez’s Villa

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Brown Sofa In  Saint Tropez Villa

A villa called as Architect’s Villa in Saint Tropez has one particular way in appreciating the scenery of Mediterranean Sea around the villa. Boasting the contemporary style, the villa is designed to allow the owner to enjoy the warm weather from the inside and outside this cube villa of the hillside.

Sparkling ocean can be seen directly from the villa. Inside of the villa building, a chic bathroom is prepared in modest size textured with the natural woodgrain and also stone for the cooler effect. Meanwhile, a glazed column is allowing more natural light in.

The four bedrooms of the villa are made in the modest size. The interesting point is to see the bedrooms exposed to the outdoor view by using glass sliding doors that lead to a deck. It is relaxing and somehow satisfying to wake up smelling the smell of ocean or to fall asleep by listening to the lullaby of the waves.

The kitchen has an island in generous size that becomes real good place for the casual breakfast. The interior is designed to allow breeze and light to flow through the room. The walls are dissolved to favor panorama A private pool is very interesting because the design makes it seem to be endless.

Green Sun Bed In Saint Tropez Villa

Infinity Pool Of  Saint Tropez Villa

Kids Room Decor In  Saint Tropez Villa

Modern Bedroom In  Saint Tropez Villa

Modern Black Bath Tub In  Saint Tropez Villa

Gallery of Cleverly Being More Open to the Surrounding in a Saint Tropez’s Villa
kids room decor in  saint tropez villa
Sliding glass doors in the bathroom of  saint tropez villa
moern glass exterior in  saint tropez villa
brown sofa in  saint tropez villa
white kitchen set in  saint tropez villa
Poolside patio in  saint tropez villa
Outdoor dining set in  saint tropez villa
Green sun bed in saint tropez villa
sliding glass door in  saint tropez villa
modern Black bath tub in  saint tropez villa
Infinity pool of  saint tropez villa
Retractable glass walls in the kitchen of  saint tropez villa
the outdoor pool in  saint tropez villa
Modern bedroom in  saint tropez villa

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