Click Clack, a lovely Bogota Hotel

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A Bedroom With Cloudy Lights And White Bed With Black Lamp And White Desk Also A Glass Window And Outside View

If you want to take a vacation this weekend in Bogota, the biggest city in Colombia, you might need this information about this beautiful Bogota hotel. Even if you have only one free day, you should have a perfect vacation. So, let’s take a closer look to the beautiful design of the Click Clack hotel.

Using a minimalist interior, this Bogota hotel, successfully accentuates the modern vibes of every single space. Click Clack has a great layout. On the first level there is a lounge with elegant black sofa and chairs. To create warmth in this space, wood is utilized for the floor. To perfect the lighting, this space uses coffee cup chandeliers in black hues. The sleek staircase is carefully designed not to obstruct the first level views.

Speaking about views, this Bogota hotel offers more than just sleek interiors, because it features gorgeous panoramic views. You can easily enjoy this great experience from sunrises to sunsets right from your room. These irreplaceable experiences will certainly help you decide on your next vacation spot, Bogota, Colombia. However, if you want to stay here for business, the room interior is completed with a desk which is designed ergonomically like in an office. Work or pleasure, it doesn’t really matter, this Bogota hotel is the perfect spot for any activity. Don’t forget to share your experience!

Apartment View With Glass Wall And Black Cupboard With White Bed And White Desk

Black And White Bedroom With White Bedcover And Black Cupboard With Black Lamp Also There A Glass Wall To View Outside

Black Levels With Glass Gate And Unique Black Cup Lamp And Black Chair Also There A White Big Chair

Black Sofa With Wood Desk And Black Chair In The Wood Floor And Wood Roof Also There A Black Level

Living Room With Black Sofa And Red Carpet Also There A Black Lamp And Glass Wall To View Outside And Classic Black Chair

Gallery of Click Clack, a lovely Bogota Hotel
black levels with glass gate and unique black cup lamp and black chair also there a white big chair
black sofa with wood desk and black chair in the wood floor and wood roof also there a black level
white bedroom with town view of the glass wall with black cupboard and white desk
apartment view with glass wall and black cupboard with white bed and white desk
two white bed with two ethnic pillows and black lamp from the roof with wood floor and single black chair
white bed with some pillows and black lamp with grey wall and wood floor
a bedroom with cloudy lights and white bed with black lamp and white desk also a glass window and outside view
white bed with black lamp and white desk with job on and wood chair in the wood roof
modern apartment with some of glass wall and there some trees for view and sky on top
unique design of modern house with terrace on the rooftop and the grey relax chair and on there a grass yard with natural view
black and white bedroom with white bedcover and black cupboard with black lamp also there a glass wall to view outside
living room with black sofa and red carpet also there a black lamp and glass wall to view outside and classic black chair

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