Colorful and Calming Three Bedroom Apartment

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Artistic Home Three Bedroom Loft Apartment With Scandinavian Design

A family will think twice to live in the apartment. This is because they think that apartment is created with the small size. So, there is not enough space to accommodate their family. Well, regularly the apartment is created with one or two bedrooms. But, this apartment will give one additional bedroom. It comes with three bedrooms apartment that can accommodate your family member.

This apartment is taking place in the Stockholm, Sweden. Well, Swedish always have so many brilliant ideas about arranging an apartment. Here, they come back with their Scandinavian style that mixed with the modern touch. Just like what we can see, white seems like a favorite color for them. This apartment is also created in white color with the super modern look. Even so, the color accent can we get from the paintings, decorating items, rug, etc. The small pink accent on the curtain seems sweet while the blue on the wall comes with its freshness. The colors bring the cheerful accents to the room that filled with the cold atmosphere from the white walls. All of them finally combined with the wood floor. Very perfect and awesome, right?

The same thing can also be found in the bedroom. They come with the fresh colors such as blue, pink, and orange. Just like what we can see in the other areas, those colors come as an additional touch. They are used as the accent on the walls by using the wallpaper, as a detail in the bed, or on the furniture of the bedroom. The white is still dominant here. Combined with the perfect lighting from the glass windows, the bedroom finally seems bright and glossy. Simple, but also interesting and stylish, right? I believe you will like this three bedroom apartment with Scandinavian design just like mine.

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Bedroom Three Bedroom Loft Apartment With Scandinavian Design

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