Colorful Creative Apartment with Two Different Theme

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Bathroom Colorful Creative Apartment With Oldiest Design

We can say that inspiration can come from everywhere. And, the human creativity is endless. That is why there are so many ideas and creation that almost impossible to do, but can finally result an awesome creation in many places in the world. You should take a look at this colorful creative apartment and you will understand that creativity can make the impossible thing comes possible.

This Brazilian apartment is taking place in the Rio de Jeniro. And, Luiz Fernando Grabowsky is the one behind this awesome project. He creates this project for Casa Cor exhibition. For me, this is so unique. Because he can make this apartment seems oldiest and modern in the same time. Very awesome when he combined two different styles in the same space, but resulting a wonderful project.

The modernity appears from the modern arrangement with the modern sofa in the middle of the living room. I love the circular rug behind the sofa because it makes the living room comes more modern and stylish. But, even so in the other side the bricks behind it makes us remind to the 70’s. That’s what I mean with modern and oldiest in the same time. Combined with the wood floor, the overall design comes together and finally can impress everyone who comes in. The kitchen seems modern with the perfect combination between white, grey, and black. Combined with the super big and full color shelves behind it as the storage space, the apartment finally get the cheerful and playful touch between the old and modern theme.

Another place like as bedroom is mostly colored with the brown colors. The brown is coming from the bricks and wood that come together and fill the space. And, it finally results a super warm space. The toilet still appears with the bricks. But, the bricks is painted in white color and combined with the modern furniture and wood floor. The big mirror above the sink makes it seems larger and spacious. It seems suitable with this colorful creative apartment with oldiest design.

Bedroom And Frames Colorful Creative Apartment With Oldiest Design

Bedroom Colorful Creative Apartment

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Colorful Creative Apartment With Oldiest Design

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