Concept of Living Room Makeover

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Cozy Living Room Design

Do you want to have a new living room? Do not be worried you do not need to rebuild your home. You just need to makeover your living room by designing the concept of living room makeover. It can be done only in one day. One thing that you have to do is redecorating the objects and color scheme on your living room. Good composition between objects, colors and light are important things that can create the coziness of your living room. Cozy living room is the place that makes comfort, warm and snug. So that everybody will enjoy the situation inside.

Let’s start to make over your living room. Firstly, decide the layout for the room. You have to measure the room to know the size of the space. You have to know the size of doors and windows too. The next steps draw the layout on a graph paper and add the measurements into the graph. Then, measure all of the furniture and make templates. Those templates would help to picture the way the furniture will relate. After that, change the position of the furniture templates until you find the new layout that you want. Don’t forget to decide the focal point because focal point is as a central of interest of the room. A fireplace set of sofa or a TV can be a focal point. Those are the way to get your new layout of your living room.

Secondly, I will discuss for the color. Well-planned of the color can create the coziness of your living room. The first step is take one shade of color as the main color that will unify everything else together. You may take the color that suitable with your personality. But you have to choose the neutral color. Next, choose two accent colors that balance out the main color. Here, I would like to give you examples of color combination. Khaki as main color will match with shades of brown and grey to make dim light theme. Hang the dominant color curtains since they provide great surrounding. Darker floor over wall creates cheerful color in the living room. If you want to create nature atmosphere you can give some live plants. Those are the way to makeover your living room in a day. Just trying it in your living room and get your new and cozy living room.

Cozy Living Room Makeover 01

Cozy Living Room With Stone Fireplace

Cozy Living Room With Wooden Wall

Cozy Living Room Makeover 04

Cozy Living Room Makeover 05

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