Contemporary and Stylish Chair Designs with Natural Wood Pattern

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Chrome And Walnut Shell Chair

In designing a perfect architecture for your home, I believe there are so many things that must be prepared well. You must choose the best style that can be fitted with your space. And, of course it must be considered with the size of the space you have. Another thing that also important to do is choosing a good furniture that can be suitable and match with your design. For that, I bring you this awesome and stylish chair designs that might be can inspiring you. Take a look closer and you will realize how wonderful is this seat.

The Walnut Shell Seat is a wonderful seat that has been created by a designer from London, England he is Tony O’Neill, the man behind this outstanding project. He brings this awesome creation with the perfect combination between wood and metal. Very modern, contemporary, and stylish. He creates this seat with the composition of panels CNC, metal and solid wood that combined into a wonderful form. The steel with the brown wood seat above it finally results a pretty seat. This pretty seat has the beautiful natural pattern of the wood. There is no other details. Even so, those simple and natural detail can bring the cute look into this seat. Of course the creator doesn’t only think about the style, but also the functionality. This seat is made with the super cozy hand and backrest. So, you can comfortably seat here.

The awesome shape and design of this Walnut Shell Seat makes it possible to be placed everywhere. This chair will be very perfect if you place it in a space that arranged with the modern concept. Every set of this collection consists of six parts including the desk. The design of this seat will bring the modernity and stylish look into your home. I believe that the Walnut Shell Chair designs will serve everything you need from a modern seat.

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