Contemporary Design in a luxurious Residence

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Amazing Interior Home Design With Fancy Candeliers Hanging On To The White Ceililng Illuminating The Living Room With A Roun Black Table On A Round Carpet In Front Of Plush White Some In Fron Of Glass Windows

The Neighborhood XVII residence, designed by Zahavi offers a crazy living space, in a contemporary design. This strong construction perfectly portrays a comfy ambiance. Actually, this home is designed in a sideways shape that gives off a fantastic vibe, and the white paint looks great on the exterior.

The front yard of this residence features a large swimming pool filled with blue water. It’s the perfect place to relax in. Inside the residence you will be welcomed by a fantastic contemporary design and the living room gives off a gleaming view. There is a white sofa on a perfect white backdrop. The round pendant lamp with a stainless cover produces overwhelming lighting in the night.

The kitchen is designed in the same space as the living room, and it’s perfect for cooking comfortably, due to the sophisticated appliances featured in the room. The main color theme used in the space is white, in the kitchen island, drawer and pouf. It looks so immaculate! The potted greenery looks great in the middle to create a fresh vibe! We can assure you that his contemporary design is perfect to live in! Share your thoughts!

Amazing Interior Home Design With Some Glass Windows In Wooden Wall Covered By White Solid Concrete Frame In Wunique Shape With Cream Concrete Fence

Amazing Living Room Design With A Round Table In Front Of A Woman Sitting On The White Plush Sofa In Front Of Big Glass Windows With Shite Carpet And An Invincible Wall Clock On The White Wall

Amusing Exterior Home Design With Fancy Furnitures Inside The Glass Sindow With Ironic Frame On The White And Brown Wall In Front Of Cream Couryard

Amusing Kitchen Design With A Long White Kitchen Countertop And Three White Chairs With Wronic Legs On The Glossy White Floor With Some Glass Sindows Behid The Kithcen Countertop

Fascinating Interior Home Design With A Long White Dining Table Surrounded By White Chairs With Ironic Leg On The Glossy Cream Floor Illominated By A Long Ceiling Lamp

Gallery of Contemporary Design in a luxurious Residence
Interesting interior home sketch for the frist and the second levels with perfect position for the furnitures and rooms
Interesting exterior home design with a big rectangle swimming pool with ironic laddr in front of a big white house with fancy interior furnitures inside the glass windows and door
Amazing interior home design with fancy candeliers hanging on to the white ceililng illuminating the living room with a roun black table on a round carpet in front of plush white some in fron of glass windows
Amusing exterior home design with fancy furnitures inside the glass sindow with ironic frame on the white and brown wall in front of cream couryard
Fascinating interior home design with a long white dining table surrounded by white chairs with ironic leg on the glossy cream floor illominated by a long ceiling lamp
Interesting exterior home design with some glass windows with ironic frame covered by wooden layer inside the white wall
Amusing kitchen design with a long white kitchen countertop and three white chairs with wronic legs on the glossy white floor with some glass sindows behid the kithcen countertop
Amazing living room design with a round table in front of a woman sitting on the white plush sofa in front of big glass windows with shite carpet and an invincible wall clock on the white wall
Amazing interior home design with some glass windows in wooden wall covered by white solid concrete frame in wunique shape with cream concrete fence

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