Contemporary Home Design with a playful Touch: Boudoir

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Contemporary Bedroom Design With Tangerine Walls And Eye Catching Purple Bed Cover

Do you like to play with bold hues? In 2014, you can re-paint your boudoir in these stunning hues; emerald, tangerine, cool blue or sleek yellow, the sky is the limit. These strong colors will create very different effects in your bedroom, perfectly complementing a contemporary home design.

First, we will concentrate on a gorgeous emerald hue. This wonderful color will create a refreshing effect in you boudoir. More than that, this hue looks even better if you mix it with bright white. You don’t have to use emerald just for your walls. You can use this sleek hue for art works, chairs and even for your ceiling. Check out the amazing emerald designs in the pictures below.

Our next stop is tangerine. This gorgeous color will create a crisp, refreshing effect in your bedroom. You can use tangerine with other sleek colors like purple or white, to make your boudoir look elegant and colorful.

If you’re looking for a masculine vibe try a cool blue shade for your bedroom. Check out the designs below to find out how to give a more feminine touch to this fabulous design.

The last hue on our list is sleek yellow. This bright hue can create a modern, but traditional vibe in your boudoir. You can really show off your personality with this color by combining it with different colors to create sleek patterns in your bedroom.

You can really spice up your contemporary home design with these dazzling, vibrant colors. Get inspired from the gallery below!

Contemporary Bedroom With Florescent Tangerine Equipped With Fluffy Rug And Comfortable Bed

Cool Blue Bedroom With Fabulous Bed Design And Eye Catching Table Lamps Above Sleek Side Tables

Fabulous Bedroom With Cool Blue Painting Illuminated With Sleek Side Lamps And Unique Patterned Curtains

Intoxicating Emerald Green Painting With Sleek Chair And Wooden Storage For Contemporary Bedroom

Midnight Blue Bedroom Accent Wall

Gallery of Contemporary Home Design with a playful Touch: Boudoir
Cool Blue Bedroom with Fabulous Bed Design and Eye-Catching Table Lamps above Sleek Side Tables
Spacious Bedroom with Sophisticated Yellow and Giraffe Pattern
Fabulous Bedroom with Cool Blue Painting Illuminated with Sleek Side Lamps and Unique Patterned Curtains
Contemporary Bedroom with Florescent Tangerine Equipped with Fluffy Rug and Comfortable Bed
Contemporary Bedroom Design with Tangerine Walls and Eye-Catching Purple Bed Cover
Refreshing Yellow Painting with Beautiful Butterflies and Huge Cabinet for Modern Bedroom
Intoxicating Emerald Green Painting with Sleek Chair and Wooden Storage for Contemporary Bedroom

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