Contemporary House Designs in Hofit

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Have you ever seen the Contemporary House Designs as the picture shown us? It has a great shape for a house. Surely, it is including into modern contemporary house plans. The design is made by Paritzki and Liani. The house is having a unique shape. It is consisting of certain curve and just like a seven number. It looks like raised above the ground and visually seems to tower above the sea simply by following the perimeter of the site.

The home is made in three floors; those are first floor, second floor, and roof floor. . Each floor is having each own function. But because the shape is curve above, so the main floor is located in first floor. This design is made based on the surrounding of the contemporary house design itself. It means that the sea is influencing the design of this house. With the wall that almost full of glasses makes owner easy to enjoy the sea view. Meanwhile, the house is also gives us wide space. It is not only that, we can see that the ground floor or the first floor is free of walls. So, for everyday activities are undertaken in a unique space articulated by its topography and the plants. Then, the vertical connecting elements consist of the external roof or ramp and the stairway between the walls of the night time areas.

Moreover, the external roof area is also links the children’s bedrooms to their parents’ private area. As we can see from the picture too, the second floor consists of the night time zones and service areas. An internal patio acts as their intermediary; this is an open cut to the sky separating the domestic area of the apartment from the client’s clinic/studio which has a separate entrance. So, for you who have planned to build a beautiful and unique house, you can use this design. Or you may have the design to be your future house.

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