Cool and Independent Rocking Chair Cushions

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Casual Rocking Chair

Let me ask your opinion about rocking chair. What do you think about? Old fashioned? After you took a look at these pictures, you will realize that you are totally wrong. I will prove to you that the rocking chair is not always like that. These rocking chair cushions is totally different. Just forget about the chair that commonly used by your grandpa. Here, we will bring the new style of rocking chair cushions.

The iRock is coming from Micasa Lab. This awesome chair is created in modern style. Created from the wood with the white color, the classical touch still apears even actually the main concept is about modernity. The white chair is combined with the pretty details that can perfectly bring the luxury into the chair. The overall shape is just like the other rocking chair, but after taking a look closer you will understand how awesome is this chair.

Take a look at the screen in front of it. This chair also has an amazing feature with the iPad. It also has a battery that can be charged. What else? It also has the speaker set that has been built inside it. So, you can enjoy the music during having a seat and enjoy the time.

The iRock also has another awesome technology. It has an awesome system about the energy usage. From the movement that will appear when you are using this chair it will result the kinetic energy. Besides that this chair also has the storage energy in a Pepperoni Pizza and, all of those energy will be sent to the iPad. It means, this chair is designed as a smart Eco-friendly chairs that have the ability to make the energy for itself. Don’t you think that these iRock rocking chair cushions can be a good solution for the global warming with its kinetic energy? Even so, you should wait to bring it on your home because it will be launched in spring 2014.

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