Cool Interior Kids Bedroom with The Tree House Style

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Best Bedroom Tree House For Girls

Every kid dreams of living in a magical palace of their own imagination. And often, that magical place is a secret fort or better yet, a tree house set up high in a canopy of colorful leaves and cute critters. New parents can create a sanctuary for their little ones without the worrying about broken limbs or massive amounts of lumber purchases.

The best part about these treetop inspired bedrooms is that they double as a place to rest their little heads and a place to play. An indoor playground? What could be better?! All it takes is a little bit of imagination on mom or dad’s part to bring the atmosphere of outside, inside. But don’t let the inspiration stop there. When designing your child’s brand new bedroom, consult with them! Children are always surprising sources of ideas and if they’re going to love it, they should have a part in the process.

Ask your little one to make a short list of their dream room!  Of course you know if they prefer unicorns to penguins or baseball to football, but their little minds are wellsprings of fun and adventurous ideas, so before you slap on the paint, have a brainstorming session over dinner.

Once you’ve narrowed down some of your ideas (and theirs too!) it’s easiest to start with a color palette. Are you looking for a dreamier landscape or something natural and realistic? Featured in our post today are a series of rooms that pull their passion from the great outdoors. Cutesy blues that call to mind expansive skies placed against white accents – there are those clouds! – are perfect for ceilings or large accent walls. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, make one side day and the other night. Earth tones of brown, beige, tan, grassy green, emerald or olive can be used not just on walls but on physical structures as we show below. If a giant oak isn’t just sprouting up in your house already, it may be time to get crafty. Paper-mache tree trunks, natural woods solidified with wear-and-tear sealant, plastics covered in texturized paint or actual lumber put together in tree form with a bit of elbow grease and a lot of vision.

Innovative indoor tree house bedrooms don’t stop there. When representing the ground, you can select from real wood – what would be more authentic? – or wood laminate substitutes or carpets that serve dual functions. Choose carpets that are dark, like real earthen floors, i.e. chocolate brown or clay red and you get the effect you want while also giving yourself a chance to hide stains and wear and tear. Dark carpets are essential for children’s rooms if you can manage it.

Once the walls and floor are complete, it’s time for every mother’s favorite part: accessorizing! Go to garage sales, flea markets or craft fairs and keep an eye out for all that is au natural. Faux feathered birds, stuffed animals have never been more appropriate. Find blankets, sheets and curtains that pick up on the trend: leaf patterns, animal prints or natural landscapes. There’s a million ways to make a unique tree top hideout right inside the home.

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Gallery of Cool Interior Kids Bedroom with The Tree House Style
When looking for a quick solution to revamp your child’s room, painting a wall is an easy way to achieve the look you’re aiming for. Pain an entire scene with all the things you and your little one love about the great outdoors.
Build a treehouse indoor like the one pictured here and go bold with color. Try to color match with other accessories already there. This is perfect for a non-permanent solution for kids whose tastes change rapidly – but once they’re up in their lofted tree top bed, surely, they’ll love it.
If you’re building your own house, consider thinking outside the box and letting that beautiful tree grow right through the house! If this is impossible, build a faux tree and paint an entire forest scene on the walls behind it. Even withoutfthe actual tree, a forest painting that the whole family can paint together is both touching and terrific.
If your child’s room is small, don’t let that stop you from thinking big! Designate one corner for your tree house inspired fun. Repeat the theme elsewhere in the room to tie it all together. You’ve created a playground and a functional space all in one shot.
Let your imagination run wild! If your child’s room has high ceilings and you want to create something super playful yet intimate, install an actual tree house indoors. Plastic trucks painted over and a smattering of animal or nature prints will tie it all together.
Get creative with crawl spaces and faux plants to create the best bedroom tree house for little ladies. Every night they’ll love crawling into bed and feeling cozy comfy in their tree top inspired palace. Textured paint creates a faux tree and hanging lamps make for great light – find natural-themed lamp shades, like these tulips, and add a feminine touch.
Build a treehouse indoor like the one pictured here and go bold with color. Try to color match with other accessories already there. This is perfect for a non-permanent solution for kids whose tastes change rapidly – but once they’re up in their lofted tree top bed, surely, they’ll love it.
Loft your child’s bed and turn that into a tree house palace. Kids love to climb, so a ladder is a fun alternative to cozying up for cuddles and tuck-in time. Embellish the walls, keep the tones earthy and natural and you’re on your way to the right idea. Built-in floor storage also keeps ground cover to a minimum.
Love farmer’s markets? Take a walk on the wild side and turn your kiddie’s room into a faux market. Use the buckets for toy organization. Build storage with wooden flair and keep it all together without losing that outdoor appeal.
If your tree house will be in the great outdoors but you like the look of something more contemporary, consider converting a retro camper and fitting it with sturdy tree poles. It will stand out and make your kids say wow!
Take tree house style and turn it into tropical cool! Take away the pines and trade up for palms. Wild stuffed animals are perfect companions for a room like this. Shoot for bamboo instead of traditional oak or maple and see your child’s room transform before your eyes.

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