Coziness and Calmness Meets Wood in Beautiful Lake House

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Amazing Feng Shui Beautiful Lake House With Peaceful Environment

What do people need when they are bored with their boring activity? I believe they need something refreshing and new that can kick the boredom out from their mind. I believe one of the best thing for something like this is united with the nature. Nature is the best medicine for that problem. That is why so many people out there decide to make a comfortable home that far away from the complicated city. Making a home on the hill with the green forest view can be a good choice. The same thing has become an inspiration to create this beautiful lake house with a perfect architecture.

This wonderful home is taking place in the Wilson, Wyoming, USA. This place seems perfect to get those experiences. With the super relaxing environment with the green surroundings around it, this place serve nothing, but the calmness and coziness. The EHA Family Trust Residence seems united with the natural environment around it. Created by Ward+ Blake Architects, the natural accent is not only coming from the environment, but from the overall design too. This beautiful lake house is coming with its eye catching wood materials. The wood comes with its natural color that finally be applied in almost all sides of this home. The walls, floor, and roof are covered by the wood and result a super luxurious and classy wood home. This home also has the big glass windows where you can access the awesome scenery with another touch of stone materials in some sides.

The interior design comes with the luxury where the wood is still taking control. There is a super comfortable living room with the classy and stylish furniture. There is a fireplace that will give you the warmness when the winter comes and brings more coziness. Here, you also will get something that almost impossible to be found in another place. The natural like is beautifully standing behind this beautiful lake house with peaceful environment.

Beautiful Lake House With Peaceful Environment

Countryside Retreat Beautiful Lake House With Peaceful Environment

House Plan Beautiful Lake House With Peaceful Environment

Kitchen Beautiful Lake House With Peaceful Environment

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