Coziness and Friendly Atmosphere of Cafe Gitane Jane Hotel

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Many places can be visited when you are on vacation. The beach, mountain, historical building, and many more. Some people also place another kinds of places in the list such as cafe and pub where they can get a perfect and comfortable place to hang out and get closer with their new friends in a warm conversation. You might know New York with its lifestyle and fashion, but you better Ttocome to another places during your shopping time too. Do you ever realize that there are so many awesome places you can visit besides the outlet and shop which sell the wen shoes and clothes? Here, I have posted a review about the Cafe Gitane in Jane Hotel, Ney York which can be a good place to go.

Why do I say so? Because this place has won the New York Magazine’s Best Brunch in the 2010 Best of New York Awards. Besides the fact that this place is arranged with the unique design of course. The first impress you will get from this place is about the brightness. With the white painted walls and big sparkling windows around it, I believe all of them can show a good reason about what makes this place comes very glossy.

Here, the designer of this place had mixed the African, Moroccan and French style into a perfect mixture. You can see that the oak furniture and kitchen set are very suitable and blend with the overall design. At the end, all of them can result a great design with the cheerful and comfortable impress. The unique black and white accent on the floor brings the bigger uniqueness into this space which also comes with the classical touch too. Some sides of the walls are designed with the wallpaper. It can make the classical look to the space too. With the playful details such as the Foozball, big lizard, and some toys on the shelves, the overall design of the Cafe Gitane brings a unique atmosphere.

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