Cozy Home Embedded with Perfect Surrounding

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Cozy Home Embedded At Greenland Road Residence

Home is a place where you will spend mostly of your times. This is the place where you can get a rest and enjoy the days. That is why, the only thing that always be searched by the people out there is about the coziness. Many of the try to get the coziness by making their home in the silent place with the wonderful environment. This thing is also done by the Studio One Architecture as the creator of this wonderful cozy home embedded.

The Greenland Road Residence is created in the Atlanta, Georgia. This home is created with the family home concept that can cover all of your family member. Created in a very wonderful environment and natural view featuring with the wonderful landscape outside it, I believe this home will give you coziness more than you will expect. I believe the awesome view is ready to entertain you any time you open the window.

This home is created in a very wonderful and modern style with the rustic taste. Mostly this home is created with the combination between the wood, stone and concrete that can be mixed together. The modernity comes from the lines pattern of the wood and the glass windows that also help you form the home. The wood seems very perfect to be combined with the forest environment around it. It seems united with the natural landscape. And, the creator realizes this very much. So, they give so many large glass windows into this home.

The interior design also uses the same material. It uses the wood in the roof, floor, and on the furniture. It all can result a very warm atmosphere into the room that can fill the white walls in the room. The living room features a fireplace that can give more coziness to you and your family. This home also has so many terraces where you can get the fresh air. I believe this cozy home embedded at Greenland Road Residence will make you speechless easily since the first time you see it.

Cozy Home Embedded At Greenland Road Residence Bathroom

Cozy Home Embedded At Greenland Road Residence Design

Cozy Home Embedded At Greenland Road Residence Living Room

Cozy Home Embedded At Greenland Road Residence Outdoor

Cozy Home Embedded At Greenland Road Residence Relaxation Room

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