Cozy Slovakian Crib for intoxicating Teenage Bedroom Design

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Designing a teenage bedroom, for both boys and girls, needs some skills. However, you don’t need to pay an expensive designer to do the job, especially if you’re on a limited budget. You can be your own designer; you just need to incorporate the following teenage bedroom design ideas.

Sorry girls, but we’re going to do teenage bedroom designs for boys first. To avoid tediousness, I suggest using a cool wall art for the wall, a real one. You can choose any type of wall art you like, you can use your favorite hero or a nature wall painting or any other idea you’ve got up your sleeve. However, don’t paint all of your bedroom’s walls. Choose one or maybe two walls of the room, and paint the other in a natural color. If you want to add another color to the teenage bedroom you can play with the bookshelves. If you paint the walls in a bright white hue, try using vibrant colors for the bookshelves.

Now, it’s time to décor a girls’ teenage bedroom using an angle theme. Choose white as the main hue for the room, it will look spacious. Get inspired by the stunning, yet sleek design of the Slovakian crib, with the white horse, that makes you want to fly right up to the sky. The adorable design of the side table, shaped as a wing, will make the table lamp look more pretentious and the hot red touches bring a cheerful sensation into the teenage bedroom.

Try to get some inspiration from the large bookshelf with a sweet dark brown lacquered finish. Combine it with a comfy sofa and you will get a perfect reading space in the teenage bedroom. If you have any more tips and tricks for decorating a teenage bedroom don’t hesitate sharing them on our Facebook page!

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