Create a Pet-friendly Home for Your Pooch

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If you are in the process of renovating your home or updating parts of it, now is a good time to consider pet-friendly solutions for your pooch. A pet invariably become a part of our family and deserves a little more attention and comfort when it comes to using materials that are pet-friendly. Here are four ideas to ensure that Buddy feels at home:


The very first consideration when it comes to making your home pet-friendly is the flooring. When possible, opt for concrete or hardwood floors instead of carpeting. Carpets accumulate dust, mites and are breeding grounds for bacteria. This can be harmful both for the pet and if you have little kids at home. Also, concrete floors stay cold during the summer so your pooch can laze around peacefully. If you must install a rug or a carpet, ensure that it is not looped. Loop rugs can catch and unravel because of the pet’s nails. Hardwood floors are great because they are easy to maintain and non- slippery.

Create a retreat

All of us love a little cozy corner in our home where we can snuggle up and be ourselves. Your little friend also deserves a private retreat of its own. Create a little corner inside your home for your pet as well. Think of some dead space in your house like the laundry room, mud room or under the staircase. Place a crate or a dog bed. Place a few of your pet’s favorite toys to chew and the pet retreat is ready. You can also ask your carpenter to pre-build a small area for the pet in the cabinets. Consider adding a feeding station where the bowls are placed in a fixed spot like a drawer that can be pulled out or pushed in as required. This will prevent a lot of mess from tripping over food bowls.

Plan for a separate bath

More often than not, the family pet bathes in the same bath tub as the kids. Creating a separate bath for the pet in the mud room or patio will not only be hygienic but also prevent muddy paws inside the house. A pet bath is much easier to create than what you may think. You need a little space that can be tiled off along with a basic hand shower or hose to wash the pet. You can also install a sink if the pet is small.

Create a play area

A playful pet needs regular exercise to stay healthy and fit. Create a play area in your backyard to give the pet a chance to explore its surroundings. Ensure that the area is confined with a fence to prevent your little friend from straying away. Get rid of any poisonous bait or pesticides in the area. Create walking tracks and barriers for the pet to play around in. A fountain of running water will or a little splash pond will be perfect on a hot day.

Furniture Covers

Most dogs stay and sit with their master and to save your costly furniture wisely use protector pads available from These pads have two flaps, first flap protects the front while a second flap runs along the back of the protector and tucks under the cushions to prevent shifting. These pads are guaranteed to keep your furniture in good shape while providing complete comfort to you and your dog.

Pet steps for smaller/Older dogs

If you have raised beds and smaller breed if may create a challenge for your dog to jump over to the bed or to join the family fun. Older dogs also sometimes need help getting onto the couch or bed – stiff joints, arthritis, and spine fusion are often to blame. Non-slip , rippled or micro-fiber pet steps are available from different vendors to help your climb the sofa or bed up and down.

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