Create a warm, traditional living Room this Christmas

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White Burlap Heart Wreath

You might be a die-hard modernist and minimalist, but somewhere deep within, the thought of a traditional living room for Christmas still rings the bell and gets you all warm and fuzzy inside. Think about cups of eggnog, candy cane and a beautiful, healthy Christmas tree. Creating a traditional living room for Christmas does not mean swapping your sleek mid-century furniture for a traditional chesterfield sofa, it is about adding classic décor and holding back on the modern alternatives.

Lighting and Fireplace

Instead of using conventional string of lights and battery operated LED candles, opt for a more rustic look with lanterns and candles. Scented candles will fill the air with the magic of Christmas and radiate warmth in the room. You can also place a collection of tea lights in tea light holders on a tray along with some décor pieces. Lanterns will add a classic, traditional touch to your décor. Don’t fret if you have a fake fireplace or an electric one, you can still create the feel of a traditional fireplace by stacking logs around it. This will add an old world charm to your décor. If you have a chandelier, hang shiny ornaments from it for a dazzling effect.

Traditional fabrics

No traditional décor is complete without fabrics that lend a feeling of warmth and coziness. Christmas is the time to pull out your traditional throws and faux fur. Burlap is another cost-effective natural fiber that is rustic and charming. Cut ribbons from burlap fabric and decorate your tree with those. You can also create a burlap wreath and place it at the front door. Handmade felt toys and stockings are another great way to add the traditional touch. No traditional living room Christmas décor is complete without the color red. So replace your regular pillows with red ones.

Add some lively greens

Fresh green sprigs will uplift your décor unlike anything store bought. Choose evergreens, poinsettias, and pine needles to create wreaths and garland. Don’t forget the traditional mistletoe at strategic locations. Lively greens are soothing and refreshing and will balance the reds in your décor. You can also pick pine cones from outside and spray paint them in gold, add some glitter and place them in large bowls. Use cinnamon sticks, star anise and other spices along with topiaries creatively in your décor. A mix of reds, browns and greens will ensure that your traditional living room is at its best.

Traditional decoration

Christmas is the time when you should pack away the usual decoration from your living room and bring out Christmas themed ones. A great idea to add traditional warmth is by swapping your regular wall art with Christmas inspired framed vintage posters. You will be able to find these easily and they will add a nostalgia to the living room that your guests will rave about. Create charming vignettes on your mantel or windowsill by placing Christmas themed décor like Angels, baby Jesus and other ornaments. Place them on cake trays and cover with cloches for a traditional yet creative look. Blend in real fruits and flowers with artificial ornaments and create a center table display.

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