How to create an artistic Decor with an unused Fireplace

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Beauty Of Chimney In The House With Black Color And Two Palnts On The Pots And Some Cord Wood In The Chimney And Cement Metter Of Floor

Are you having issues with the black hole left by the unused fireplace in your house? Today’s post is meant to give you some creative ideas to turn this around into an extraordinary spot. Just keep reading and get inspired for your next redesign project.

There are many simple ways to create a beautiful and artistic decor utilizing your unused fireplace. The first thing you can do is cover it with a stunning fence which fixes to your fireplace’s size. You can choose either a strong or a classical color for the fence, and many shapes that will create a wonderful outlook into your interior. Another way to conceal an unused fireplace is by placing an alluring painting in front of the firebox, in order to cover up the hole.

If you want to “spice” up your unused fireplace place some glassware or vases into it. Perfect it with fresh flowers like roses, orchids or lilies. You can use transparent glassware or colored pieces, however, we recommend using opaque designs that conceal the fireplace.

Another great option to change, redesign and refresh this space is to use wood pieces and greenery. Look at the images below and get inspired! You will find that it’s very easy to create a stunning space utilizing your unused fireplace. You just need to use your imagination! Don’t forget to share your designs!

Chimney In The Room Of House With White Color And Closed Of Picture With Wood Floor And White Door With Cream Color Of Wall With Oval Picture Also Some Porcelain

Decoration Creative Of Chimney In The House With White Color And Some Beauty Flower With Nice Picture And Flower Of Stiker Wallpaper

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chimney in the room of house with white color and closed of picture with wood floor and white door with cream color of wall with oval picture also some porcelain
beauty of chimney in the house with black color and two palnts on the pots and some cord wood in the chimney and cement metter of floor
decoration creative of chimney in the house with white color and some beauty flower with nice picture and flower of stiker wallpaper

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