Five Ideas to create sustainable Interiors and go green

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The drastic change in climate over the past few years has left us all thinking about working towards protecting our environment. Interior designers believe that going green should start with you, right at your home. So if you are thinking of renovating your home, consider the many sustainable interiors that are available and contribute towards protecting the environment for future generations.

Five Ideas to create sustainable Interiors and go greenHere are five interesting ideas that are sustainable and stylish:

1. Bamboo flooring and cabinetry

Bamboo has gained a lot of attention in the recent past. It is fast growing and an easily renewable resource, which makes it a great choice for hard wearing but sustainable interiors. Use bamboo flooring and cabinets for your home the next time you renovate your interiors. Bamboo has a natural light color and grain which will brighten your interiors.

2. Recycled glass counter tops and tiles

Glass is another resource that can be recycled many times over and not just once so it can be easily integrated in sustainable interiors. Glass counter tops and tiles are available in a variety of modern textures and finishes to suit your design aesthetics and are perfect materials for sustainable interiors.

Glass counter tops are created by mixing crushed glass pieces with cement or resin. This makes the counters sturdy for use in the kitchen or bathroom.

Try using opaque recycled glass tiles with back lights for a modern yet eco-friendly décor.

3. Natural fiber rugs

Fibers that are grown naturally and preferably organically, are clear winners when it comes to home décor. Man-made fibers stand no match to natural fibers like cotton, jute, linen, silk and wool. Natural fibers are toxin-free and biodegradable making them the foremost choice when it comes to sustainable interiors.

Choose natural fiber rugs in jute, sisal, wool or a wool and silk blend. Cotton and linen fibers are naturally cooling. Fabric and décor made from natural fiber will add beautiful textures to your home décor.

4. Reclaimed materials for sustainable interiors

Another great idea when it comes to sustainable interiors is using reclaimed material for your renovation. Reclaimed material that has the marks of wear and tear over time will add beautiful character and personality to your home. Wood from old houses can be used to create an accent wall in your new house. Reclaimed metal like copper and steel develop a beautiful patina over time that is unique and should find a place in your home, otherwise it will go into landfills. Search for such materials at garage sales or auctions and help the environment.

Designer Lynda Hoffman says “Repurpose materials in a new way, so you eliminate waste and give an existing material new life.

5. Save energy by maximizing the light

Finally, install skylights in your home that help maximize the sunlight in your home. This will reduce the need to turn on the lights during the day and save energy. Never block any natural sources of light like windows. Where possible, take advantage of large windows and use glass doors to let sunlight in. During the winter months, apply a coat of insulation on the windows to avoid the loss of heat. Also, consider installing solar panels for a clean and renewable source of energy.

A small change that you can make, without extensive renovations is moving from incandescent light bulbs to CFL ones that are much more energy efficient and longer lasting.

Gallery of Five Ideas to create sustainable Interiors and go green
Five Ideas to create sustainable Interiors and go green

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