Creating a vintage inspired Home

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Vinatage And Modern Space

Decorating with vintage novelties is a trend that is here to stay. Interior decorators and stylists have found a way to make a house feel like home by adding character rich pieces from history to the décor. Vintage finds, that are proudly displayed by the home owner, make a home radiate with warmth. Relive your favorite childhood memories or salvage pieces of furniture from a garage sale, creating a vintage inspired home is easier than it appears to be.
Here are few ideas to add vintage inspired décor to your home:

1. Re-purpose the old

Before you throw out old pieces of furniture think about ways to reuse it. Maybe the dinner buffet can be turned into a vanity stand for the bathroom. By re-using old furniture, you will save a lot of money, and contribute to a greener environment. Breathe a new life into old furniture by treating it with a fresh coat of paint. Change the hardware like knobs or drawer pulls if required. Give it a worn out look by finishing the paint job with a bit of sand paper. You can also upholster old chairs with new upholstery.

2. Mix and match

Decorating with vintage inspired elements does not mean that your home will not be a reflection of your modern aesthetics. Create a balance between the old and the new. If you have a modern, clean line sofa, consider adding salvaged side tables. Surprisingly, vintage finds can be pretty easy on the pocket as well. Look for garage sales, auctions and listings on the internet for items that can be re-purposed. Be creative and innovative with mixing old and the new to give your home an impactful décor.

Designer Kirstie Allsopp, of the T.V. series Kirstie’s Vintage Home, says that, “the trick to creating a successful vintage style is merging old and new”. Our homes need to reflect that we live in the modern world, otherwise they’ll be completely impractical.

3. Display collections

Have you been hoarding toy cars since you were little? Then this is the chance to display them with panache. Create a special place in your home, in the living room for example, where these can be displayed, a great idea is to install ledges on a blank wall. When you display your collections in groups, it make a greater impact and adds to the personality of your home. Similarly, you can also choose to display multiple vintage pieces or old photographs in groupings or vignettes.

4. Add a vintage color

It is a good idea to do a basic research and stream line the vintage inspired theme into different eras. Pick a timeline from the past, that you are most drawn to, and look for the colors and style used in that era. From pretty pastels to radiant reds, the theme will help you choose a color scheme for your vintage inspired finds. The vintage color will make your space feel different and the color will pop the rest of your décor.

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