Creative Ceiling Designs with hidden Illumination

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Classic Crystal Lamp In The White Roof With Some Logam Line For Classic Home Design

One of the biggest concerns in interior decor is the wall and ceiling designs. Today’s posts is meant to offer you solutions for your ceiling designs, utilizing hidden illumination elements.

In the talented hands of Irena Ivanova, the ceiling becomes a perfect and alluring space that needs to be incorporated in the interior design of the house. In the examples below, the shape of the ceiling is beautifully decorated with hidden lights. The reflections of these lighting elements create wonderful effects in the rooms. Besides, the light color appears softly, bringing a romantic and elegant feel into the house.

In one of the living room designs below, the hidden lighting elements are beautifully complemented by a hanging crystal chandelier, creating fabulous light plays in the room.  This space becomes even more beautiful because it uses a gorgeous pastel sofa. Pastel colors are the main theme of this room, creating a beautiful harmonized decor, perfectly enhanced by the lighting elements.

If you want to decorate your ceiling with hidden lighting elements, you can actually choose the colors you want them to reflect. There is a large color palette available for you to choose from.  Check out the blue version in the gallery below. How amazing is that? Are you feeling inspired? Which one of the ceiling designs below is your favorite? Don’t forget to share!

Classic House With Unique Design Of The Roof Also There A Crystal Lamp And A Soft Brown Sofa With Some Pillows Also A Firebox In The Middle

Classic Lamp In The White Roof With Gold Line And White Colour Also Wood Window In The Back With Glass Center

Classic Lamp With Gold Line In The White Roof With Some Blue Cloudy Lights And Glass Window With White Curtain Around

Cream Sofa With Some Pillows In The Cream Floor With Cream Shelf And A Tv On Top Also A Crystal Lamp In The Roof

Two White Little Lamp With Gold Handle In The Cream Wall Under The Blue Lights For The Cream Roof For Home Design

Gallery of Creative Ceiling Designs with hidden Illumination
cream sofa with some pillows in the cream floor with cream shelf and a tv on top also a crystal lamp in the roof
two white little lamp with gold handle in the cream wall under the blue lights for the cream roof for home design
classic lamp in the white roof with gold line and white colour also wood window in the back with glass center
classic house with unique design of the roof also there a crystal lamp and a soft brown sofa with some pillows also a firebox in the middle
unique design of the roof with blue lights and a crystal lamp in the center and the crem wall for home design
classic lamp with gold line in the white roof with some blue cloudy lights and glass window with white curtain around
classic crystal lamp in the white roof with some logam line for classic home design

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