Creative Chairs made from recycled Materials

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Amazing Chair Created By Recycle Bath Tub

Chairs are one of the most used furniture pieces in our homes. We can find them everywhere, in the living room, dining room, garden, outdoor or indoor, literally everywhere. There are many designs available, but the trendiest chair design lately have been those made from recycled materials. Many designers have put their creative minds to the test, and got some unique chairs perfect for every type of home.

Don’t be surprised of the recycled materials used for creating these beautiful chairs. For example, Alexander Reh put his genius into creating a chair out of gun shells. The design is named: “The Fully Loaded” and it’s made from 450 gauge shot gun shells. The most surprising thing is that you can actually use it and sit on it very comfortably.

Another great chair, made from recycled materials, is the one made of real guns, with its puzzle like design.  The spoon chair is also a brilliant idea, yet this chair is not very practical, because you can’t actually sit on it. The funny chair made of pencils looks fancy. Thousands of pencils are arranged into one solid chair. Unfortunately, the sharp surface stops you from sitting on it. Tom Price created a chair from clothes, but this looks more like a pile of untidy clothes. There are many creative chairs made from recycled materials, just check them out in the gallery below and don’t forget to share your favorite!

Amazing Idea For New Concept Chair Created By Spoon

Amazing New Chair Created By Waste Plastic

Amazing New Concept Of Chair Created By Thrift

Amusing Chair Created By Recycle Cork

Amusing New Concept Of Chair Created By Wooden Toys

Gallery of Creative Chairs made from recycled Materials
Amazing idea for new concept chair created by spoon
amusing chair created by recycle cork
Inspiring new concept of chair created by recycle things
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Amazing new concept of chair created by thrift
Exciting design to create chair from cardboard
Interesting chair create from beer bottle
Outstanding new concept of chair created by pencil
Amazing chair created by recycle bath tub
Inspiring chair created by tube
Excellent chair created by gun
Excellent idea making new chair from shot gun bullets
Amazing new chair created by waste plastic
Exciting new idea of chair created by CD
Amusing new concept of chair created by wooden toys
Exciting idea create chair from alumunium

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