Creative Face-pot Planters with fun Displays

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Expression Face Of Two Childs On The Pot And Protective Pot With Plant

It often happens that you get bored with some elements of your garden decor. So, you start thinking about ways to spice up the place and redecorate it. The easiest way to do this is by adding new plants and flowers. But there is a creative way to do that, by using face-pot planters.

Face-pot planters are perfect if you want to create a more unconventional garden. If you are wondering what kind of pot planters these are, read on, because we are explaining in detail how to incorporate this unique design and make it your own.

First, you need to prepare the plants you want to use. Choose plants in unique shades and shapes that can easily pass as hair styles. Next, purchase some white pots. White is preferable because it’s a neutral color, making it easy to create a prefect look. Then, print the faces you want to use on paper and attach them to the white pots. To protect the pictures, cover them with a transparent plastic pot.

This type of face-pot planters can be used, not only in the garden, but also in the home. You can easily incorporate them into your interior design! Don’t forget to share your nifty face-pot planters with us!

Expression Smile Of Two Women On The Pot And Plant With White Background

Expression Stange Of Man On The Pot And Plant Also Expression Child Look At The Plant

Four Expressions Of Man With Women And Child Also Baby On The Pot And Plant

How To Make Variant Of Editing Picture Applying For Face Print And Pot And Plant

Gallery of Creative Face-pot Planters with fun Displays
expression stange of man on the pot and plant also expression child look at the plant
expression smile of two women on the pot and plant with white background
four expressions of man with women and child also baby on the pot and plant
how to make variant of editing picture applying for face print and pot and plant
expression face of two childs on the pot and protective pot with plant

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