Cute and Simple Cake Table Lamps Ideas

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Bake Me A Cake Table Lamp By Morten Jonas

Many things can be a source of inspiration by the designers in making their creation everything beginning from their own imagination, inspired by the other project, or everything they can find around them can also give some ideas for them too. If you hear that a designer is inspired by the nature, you might think if that is common. But, what about the designer which gets the ideas from a cake? Then, you must check this out and get ready to be shocked to see how interesting are these cake table lamps ideas and designs. For me, this is so unexpected.

The talented designers from Morten & Jonas just created a unique cake table lamps ideas and design for Northern Lighting. The lamp is officially produced in Norway. The shape of the lamp design is truly the representation of the main theme which chosen by the designer. It seems like the real cake for me. The Bake Me Cake serve the unique design which can also show you the other side of the playfulness. Here, the designer combines some materials beginning from the glass and oak wood. You will be in love with the overall result which so simple, but quite interesting.

The design of this lamp consists of the circular glass which is combined with the wood holder under it. Then, inside the lamp is filled by the bulb. You can open the glass layer when you need to change the bulb too. All of them are the reasons for this cute lamp to produce the dim light to fill the space. This unique wooden cake table lamps ideas are created in the prison by prisoner of the Bergen prison in Norway. The purpose is to giving any activities for the prisoner when they are on the jail and to teach them in making some products that can be produced after getting out from the jail.

Beautiful Cake Table Lamp

Cake Table Lamp By Morten Jonas

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