Cute Attic Apartment from Gothenburg

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Amazing Space Compact Attic Apartment Design

When you live in apartment you will find a crucial problem. Arranging apartment is not as easy as it seems. You know, we always face the same problems. It is small and we must fit and choose the best furniture for it. I believe you won’t to make some mistakes and make your apartment finally seems crowded, right. That is why you must find the best trick to arrange the furniture you have bought. Might be you can find it inside this pretty attic apartment.

This chic apartment is coming from Sweden. As we know, Sweden is so expert in making and arranging an apartment. Takes place in the middle of Gothenburg, another big city of Sweden, this apartment serves the character of Sweden apartment. It features the neutral colors and texture that finally combined with the brightness. This apartment is very compact and tiny because it only has 59 square meters of size. Even so, it can perfectly show the modernity and stylish style inside it. The kitchen and study space inside are united in a big space. And, the bedroom is divided on the other side of this apartment.

The interior design is very awesome with the combination of concrete material and wood accent in the floor. The wall is painted in white color to make the space seems bigger. Well, as we know, this space has a little problem with the size. Another accent that can be found here is the furniture that mostly come with the modern style. The glass accent in the super big windows that as big as the floor to the roof serves the outstanding scenery outside. Besides it, the glass windows can also be found in another side of this apartment such as on the kitchen, bedroom, and study area to bring the natural light and set the lighting. The designer can make this super small compact attic apartment design seems bigger with it.

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