Cute Book Bed or Play and Sleep

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Book Bed Covers Ideas

Yusuke Suzuki comes with a cute and great style of book bed. And, because of that, now I am thinking about arranging a book bedroom for my kids. I think it is a cool idea. Book is so inspiring and in can give many inspirations for us to arrange the room and making a book bedroom decoration. I am so interested to this concept because this is so unique and uncommon.

The shape? Of course the shape is like a book. Not a closed book, but an opened book with the white layers as the page. The page here also act as a blanket for your kids. So, every sheet of the page here can also be used as the blanket and the previous sheet as the bed. With the dark black cover on the bottom of the book bed, the bed gives nothing but the coziness during the sleep. If you need more warmness, just lift another sheet and use it as the additional blanket and you will get what you want.

As we know, the most important event for the kids before the get sleep is about the story book. Here, they don’t have to read the story because they are the story inside the book. Actually, the creator tries to make a bed where the kids can have the interaction with the others. So, they can find something interesting that gives them any possibilities to play together there. It is mostly like a children playground inside their bedroom. Then, after they are tired of playing on the bed, they can just drop their body and fall asleep there. So, playing and sleeping in the same place without have to move in another area even just one step. Simple concept that had been applied successfully in this project.

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